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Paneltek will not purchase any product from a factory which has not undergone the proper due diligence exercise. Due diligence exercise involves 2 steps:

Step 1:

  • A factory visit must be done with the factory Production Manager and/or the Managing Director.

Step 2:

  • Areas of evaluation includes:
    • Factory name, address and contact person.
    • Factory details: number of employees, shareholding, size area, year of establishment and markets currently exporting to.
    • Production: Capacity (containers/month), Quality Processes, Machinery, Lacquering line, Packing line and other processes critical to production.
    • Management: Who are they, policy on claims and complaints, lead times and payment terms.

Company Code of Ethics – Doing Business with Paneltek Group of Companies

Our day to day business dealings are an important aspect in providing quality services to our customers. When customers perceive our genuineness and honesty in day to day dealings, we gain their trust in providing quality services and products.
If and when you do business with Paneltek you will be given our company’s Code of Business Ethics.

Code of Ethics – Summary

Our guiding principle in doing business is to do unto others what we would want them to do to us. It is based on principles of honesty, integrity and respect. As such, Paneltek expects reciprocity of its business associates in maintaining the integrity of the business relationship.
Paneltek’s employees understands this code of ethics and the management expects each personnel to comply and uphold its values and standards outlined in this document. Paneltek also appreciates the active support of all its business associates in helping the team at Paneltek maintain this value of integrity and honesty.
Paneltek believes that a high standard of ethical conduct will result in a long term mutually beneficial relationship.